"Great traditional authentic Italian pasta. So good we come here at least once a week " Alex Spurling - (Via Google reviews)


" After one month of questionable food, finally me and my friends found this. SIMPLY INCREDIBLE.
High quality Pasta and ingredients for one of the BEST Carbonara I've ever ate. I recommend this to all who want to try what is the taste of real pasta" Gaetano Rilievo (Via Facebook reviews)


"This fantastic little food truck never fails to deliver tasty pasta. The carbonara is a favourite. They often offer 3/4 choices including a vegetarian option. The portions are a really great size, a large lunch.
It can be a bit of a wait and they only take cash so be prepared! Thankfully it’s in the covered area of the market so you won’t have to brave the elements.
The menu changes daily however carbonara (no cream!) never leaves the menu. I recommend the pasta sausages as it’s something special. Also their take away forks are compostable"  Kia Stanford (Via Google reviews)


"Thank God for @TreRote cc @UrbanFoodFest Saving me from another nasty encounter w/ the canteen. Happy food. Happy service. Happy me :) #freshpasta  #worklunch".  Raihaanah A  (via Twitter)


"Well done guys, very nice caserecce alla norma". Michele D.R  (via Twitter)


Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 13.43.24.png

"Thank you for the yummy pasta". Hao Chii London (via Twitter)


"The cutest little food truck @FoodMarketW4 this morning - Delicious pasta @TreRote #Chiswick #FathersDay".  Croque-Maman (via Twitter)


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